The Last of Us Modder Replaces Joel With Tess, Watch the Results

Ever wonder what it would be like to play as Tess instead of Joel in The Last of Us? YouTuber Freako (via Kotaku) actually decided to mod the game a little bit in order to swap the two characters, the results of which you can see above. While he did make some textures for the mod, do note that Freako couldn’t replace the voice lines. We assume that would require a ton of additional work given Tess’s short role compared to Joel’s.

Regardless, check out the video above. While we don’t consider anything we saw a spoiler, we still advise that you proceed with caution if you haven’t played The Last of Us yet.

Interestingly, the video caught the attention of Tess’s voice actress, Annie Wersching, who enjoyed it quite a bit and joked that she’ll record new lines to make it work.

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