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The Last of Us Season 1 Finale Got Surprise Cameo by Abby Actress

WARNING: This article contains spoilers!

The Last of Us Season 1 finale briefly cast Ashley Johnson, who voiced Ellie in the video game, as Ellie’s mom Anna. Albeit brief, her role did the crucial job of revealing how Ellie became immune. But what fans of the game probably didn’t notice is that Abby actress Laura Bailey was in one of the final scenes of episode 9: Look for the Light.

Where’s Abby in The Last of Us Season 1 finale?

Towards the end of the episode, Joel shoots his way to the surgery room where Ellie is set to die. Upon entering, he asks a team of two nurses and a surgeon to “unhook” Ellie. One of those nurses was played by Bailey.

the last of us season 1 finale laura bailey
Image: HBO

Interestingly, the show’s director and Naughty Dog president Neil Druckmann revealed that Bailey played the same role in the original video game too.

In a press conference, co-director Craig Mazin said that he pitched Bailey’s appearance to HBO and they ended up with the role of a masked nurse. Apparently, Bailey was pretty happy with that because “I’ll just be like this secret cameo that no one knows about,” per Insider.

Well, now we all know.

What did our readers think of The Last of Us Season 1? More importantly, did the house Anna stumbled into look familiar?