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One Year Later: Looking Back at the PlayStation E3 2016 Conference

Sony have made sure that their E3 press conferences are always worth watching. From retro revivals like Crash Bandicoot and Shenmue to gigantic first-party games like God of War, they know what fans are looking forward to. 2015 seemed particularly impressive, as the press conference had announced games that fans had waited years to be revealed, but when looked back upon with further scrutiny it fell apart. It begs the question: is Sony just using misdirection to please fans in the moment like a good magician would?

It certainly seems like that’s one of Sony’s strategies, but if fans are ultimately leaving E3 with a smile on their face then it’s a successful one. Since a year has passed, PlayStation LifeStyle took a look back at the Sony PlayStation E3 2016 press conference. The good news is that it seemed to hold up better that 2015’s showing, which had a lot of spectacle but little in the way of substance.

Check out the highlights (and lowlights) of the PlayStation E3 2016 press conference below:

We hope you enjoyed PlayStation LifeStyle’s look back at the Sony PlayStation E3 2016 press conference. It was certainly an important one as it had some shocking announcements (even if it couldn’t live up to the headlines of the previous year), and some fantastic exclusives were shown off. What’s notable is that several of the biggest games of E3 2015 didn’t make an appearance (Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III) despite not coming out yet. Sometimes what doesn’t have an appearance can have a huge negative impact, and that was the case here. Sony is starting to see the negatives of announcing big games so early, as if they don’t continually get updates, fans begin to worry and are disappointed. It also signalled the death of the Vita, as the handheld was once again absent as Sony focused on home consoles instead.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about the PlayStation E3 2016 press conference one year later, and what your highlights were from the show!

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