Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Content as Competitive Play Season 5 Begins Tomorrow

Blizzard is teasing something to do with Overwatch‘s Horizon Lunar Colony, possibly hinting at a new hero and map. In a mock press release on the game’s website, Atlas News writes:

At a press conference today, Lucheng Interstellar revealed the surprising fact that the colony’s databases and monitoring systems are still up and running this day. While no direct communication has been established with the facility, the company has successfully retrieved inter-personnel logs sent days and moments before the base lost contact with earth.

A number of screenshots of the logs were also shared alongside an image of the colony’s “still-operating” integrated monitoring systems. You can find all the images here if you want to look for clues.

Overwatch‘s Competitive Play Season 5 is set to begin tomorrow, May 31, at 5PM PDT/8PM EDT. You can find more details on that here.

What do our readers think the teaser is pointing towards?