Official Website Details Lost Sphear’s World and Characters

It’s only been a few days since I am Setsuna developer Tokyo RPG Factory announced their next project, but now even more details are available on Lost Sphear. This is thanks to the role-playing game’s official website going live (it’s in Japanese, but still worth checking out due to the gorgeous music and artwork). The site reveals plenty of new details about the world it takes place within, and the characters that inhabit it.

Thankfully for English reading fans, our friends at Gematsu have translated all of the important information. To better get a sense of the world, take a look at the mysterious text that appears on the site (translation via Gematsu):

This world is created by Memories.

By living, people become Memories of the planet, which is how this world takes form. Even now if there are memories from the everlasting remote past, those are Memories of this moment as well.

And when Memories are lost, their existence is also erased. That is what people call “Lost.”

Things that are Lost originally could not be restored by the power of humans. This way of things was supposed to stay the same throughout the generations.

However, a young man who uses the power of Memories appears in the world. That young man’s name is Kanata.

Whether he will bring hope or new despair to the world is something that remains to be seen.

But there is no mistake that Kanata’s journey surrounding Memories that is now beginning will have an impact on the world.

As that blurb states, the main character in the game is a sword-wielding 16-year-old named Kanata. On his journey, he’ll be joined by his childhood friend Lumina, a young woman who has mastered the oldest martial art: punching. Other characters include a young boy named Locke, and a very mysterious & cool looking man named Van. For more on these characters, please check out Gematsu.

Lost Sphear is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in early 2018 in North America and Europe. A Japanese release is set for later this year, although an exact date hasn’t been announced yet by Square Enix.

(Source: Official Website via Gematsu)