Tekken 7 Tips You Need to Know Before Starting

The latest entry in the popular Tekken series is out today. The game is pretty darn great (make sure to check out our Tekken 7 review to find out for yourself and our Everything You Need to Know post for even more information), but it also adds some new mechanics that might confuse both veterans and newcomers. There’s a definite learning curve towards mastering the game, and having to deal with Street Fighter‘s Akuma makes it even more complicated than past games.

If you’re picking up the game, and find yourself losing nearly every match, then you’re in luck. To help new players, or ones just looking to better themselves, we’ve come up with seven Tekken 7 tips that’ll help you have a better experience with the game. Check them out in the gallery below, and remember to put in time in the training mode before hopping online into ranked matches!


We hope you enjoyed our look at seven tips you should know before starting Tekken 7. Make sure to heed our advice, and practice honing your abilities in the training mode if you want to get competitive. Tekken is a complex game, but it’s one that is relatively easy to pick up the mechanics. Learning to master them will take time, and can only be done once these layers are fully grasped. This will get you started on that journey, but ultimately it’s up to the player to learn the ins and outs.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re picking up the latest installment in the Tekken franchise, and what Tekken 7 tips you’d give to new players!

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