Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Characters Detailed

One of the most legendary role-playing game series is set to make its return this year, as Ys VIII: Lacromosa of Dana releases for both PlayStation 4 and Vita. As its North American release of September 12 nears, publisher NIS America updated its official website with plenty of new details. The most exciting ones surround the game’s cast, which has now been fully detailed.

Here’s how the site describes the game’s protagonist, Adol Christin:

He left his homeland, a nameless village in the Europe region, when he was just 16 years old and dated to adventure in the Ancient Kingdom “Ys,” the Land of Mystery “Celceta,” and more. Although young, he is respected as an expert “adventurer.”

He was traveling across the Gaete Sea as a passenger of the Lombardia when the ship was attacked by an unseen giant sea creature. He went missing along with the other passengers.

Adol will be joined in his journey by Dana, a “magical blue-haired girl” that appears in his dreams. Other characters include Laxia, a warrior of noble descent, and Hummel, a rogue “transporter.” Rounding out the cast is a girl named Ricotta, who is a native resident of the Isle of Seiren. Here’s her full description:

A girl who was living on the Isle of Seiren before Adol and the others found themselves there.

Ricotta is innocent to a fault and well-versed in both the island’s geography and the Ancient Species. She gleaned all of her other knowledge and vocabulary from documents and books that drifted to the island shore, so her language skills are sometimes lacking.

She’s been waiting a long time for her father to return from his exploration of the island…

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is set to release September 12, 2017 in North America for PlayStation 4 and Vita. A European release follows on September 15.

(Source: NIS America, I Play PS Vita)