LawBreakers Release Date Announced, Pre-Order Starts This Week

Confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation 4 just last month, Boss Key Productions’ chief Cliff Bleszinski has announced the LawBreakers release date for the PS4 and PC, and it’s set for August 8, and still with the price tag of $29.99.

Additionally, both PC and PS4 players can pre-order LawBreakers starting June 13.

The day you’ve been waiting for is within sight. LawBreakers is kicking down the doors and will launch August 8th, 2017 on PC and PS4™.  You can pre-order the game from Steam and the PlayStation Store starting on Tuesday June 13th. Once Pre-Orders are live you’ll be able to jump straight to the Steam or PlayStation Store by visiting Get all the gravity-defying action you can handle plus all future maps, modes and roles for one great price. Soon you’ll be able to deliver death from every angle on a daily basis.

There’s also a LawBreakers beta happening on PC, which you can read more about here.

LawBreakers won’t have a Season Pass or any pay-to-win stuff in it, and it will even run at 60 frames-per-second on PS4.

Are you excited for this, shooter fans? It’s definitely not your typical multiplayer shooter, which means that it could carve its own niche.

[Source: Cliff Bleszinski (Twitter), LawBreakers)