Here’s Some New Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gameplay

Shaun Escayg and Kurt Margenau from Naughty Dog took part in the PlayStation LiveCast earlier this week, where they talked about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as gameplay footage played in the background. If you’re just interested in the gameplay, the best clips are from 1:18 to 2:42 and 4:03 to 5:55.

In the detailed FAQ for The Lost Legacy, Naughty Dog confirms that it will have a Platinum Trophy, it will have the same Photo Mode features as Uncharted 4, and it “will be enhanced for the PlayStation 4 Pro, including support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and dynamic 4K gaming.”

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases on August 22 in North America and August 23 in Europe for PlayStation 4, and it includes access to Uncharted 4’s full multiplayer suite (there will also be some Lost Legacy multiplayer content in the future). By pre-ordering, you’ll receive Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy when it launches for PS4.

You can read our hands-off E3 preview over here.

[Source: Uncharted the Game]