Unannounced Resident Evil Project in the Works at Capcom

It looks like Capcom is currently working on an unannounced Resident Evil project, according to an interview with Resident Evil 7 Director Koshi Nakanishi and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Director Yasuhiro Anpo.

In the interview, Nakanishi mentions that there are a number of creators at Capcom who love the Resident Evil franchise and that Anpo has something in development for the franchise as well to which Anpo responded affirmatively.

It might be awhile until we actually hear more significant information on this unannounced Resident Evil project. There’s a chance that it might not actually be a full Resident Evil game but a piece of DLC for a currently available game like Resident Evil 7 or a remaster/remake of a previously released title instead.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Capcom has up its sleeve in the next year or so. In the meantime, Capcom already has the Resident Evil 2 remake, the PS4 port of Resident Evil: Revelations, and Resident Evil 7’s “Not a Hero” DLC confirmed for release sometime in the future.

[Source: Capcom via Stevivor]