Gran Turismo Sport Release Date Seemingly Outed By Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Update: OPM says the date was a misprint:

Original Story: The latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (July, #137 – page 14) lists Gran Turismo Sport‘s release date as November 16, 2017. Spotted by Wccftech, the date makes sense in light of Jim Ryan’s recent statement about releasing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and GT Sportwithin three months of each other.” Considering Naughty Dog’s expansion is out in August, a release date of November 16 doesn’t sound like a stretch.

It’s also worth noting that the magazine has previously outed release dates, with Wccftech noting that it recently revealed Shadow Warrior 2‘s release date before it was officially announced and while the publication didn’t get the exact date right, it was only off by a few days.

Do take this with a grain of salt because we don’t have an official statement yet. Whatever the case, we’ll find out in due course and will update our readers when we have more info.

[Source: OPM UK via Wccftech]