Dead by Daylight Matchmaking Bug Fix Incoming, Console DLC Coming Soon

It looks like a common matchmaking bug, which the developers recently announced a workaround for, in Dead by Daylight for consoles may be getting patched soon, according to a tweet by the developers.

The developers recently released a workaround for the bug, which prevents people from choosing the “Play as Survivor” option in matchmaking, and today the studio announced that it has made improvements to the game’s matchmaking. It also said that it was releasing more fixes to the game throughout the day, which hopefully includes a fix for the aforementioned bug.

Additionally, in response to a fan tweet, the studio also tweeted that the game’s Halloween Chapter DLC, which includes Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and the Haddonfield map, will be coming to the console version of Dead by Daylight soon. Whether the console release of the Halloween Chapter will come as a free or paid update is still unknown though.

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