Dead by Daylight Halloween Roadmap Sees Return of Haunted by Daylight Event

As we enter the Halloween season, the annual slew of themed events in live service games start to roll out. Behaviour Interactive ensures it’s early out the gate in announcing the Dead by Daylight Halloween roadmap.

What’s in Dead by Daylight this Halloween?

The Fog thickens this year as Haunted by Daylight, the unmissable in-game event, is back and bigger than ever on October 18, 2023.

Players should get their fair share of jump scares thanks to Void Zones, new, terrifying gates to a mysterious Realm where the Entity’s victims – or Haunts – are dismissed and await release. The stakes will be even higher as players face these Haunts for the first time.

The teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement can be viewed below.

You can find all the gory details for the upcoming month of horror coming to Dead by Daylight in the bullet points here.

Dead by Daylight has had a pretty fruitful year. We’ve got two sci-fi killers, including the Xenomorph from Alien, and none other than Nicholas Cage has dropped in to become a survivor. Elsewhere Until Dawn creator Supermassive Games has been revealed to be working on a single-player Dead by Daylight game. Atomic Monster and Blumhouse are producing a movie adaptation.

  • October 11th

    Tome 17: COMMITMENT is released. A new Rift opens.
  • October 13th

    Halloween Stream is live at 2:00 PM EDT featuring a roundup of DbD developers and Fog Whisperers
  • October 18th

    Haunted by Daylight Event is on. And it’s scarier than ever with high stakes and higher rewards.
  • October 24th

    The beloved Outfit Collection Hallowed Blight is back.