Until Dawn Dev Making Dead by Daylight Game

Until Dawn Dev Announces Dead by Daylight Game

Supermassive Games revealed that it was developing another installment in the Dark Pictures Anthology, but that’s not the only game it is working on. The team announced alongside Behaviour Entertainment that it is creating a single-player Dead by Daylight game, too.

What’s with Supermassive’s Dead by Daylight game?

As noted by Gematsu, Behaviour unveiled this during Dead by Daylight’s anniversary stream. Supermassive’s game will be “set outside the Entity’s [the all-powerful antagonist in the series] realm” and have a new cast of characters that will give players an “unprecedented experience beyond the fog.”

It also seems like it will stick closely Supermassive’s formula, as it will be an “interactive story game” and an “intense narrative experience” with branching paths and “powerful life or death choices.” The team also specifically stated that it was a single-player experience, meaning it will likely be more akin to Until Dawn and not as much like the Dark Pictures games that all have a multiplayer slant. Specific details were kept out, but more will be revealed later this year.

Supermassive already announced the next Dark Pictures game, Directive 8020, which is sci-fi title that will kick of the anthology’s second season. No release date was attached to it, but the Dark Pictures games have come out on a yearly schedule since 2019’s Man of Medan.

A second Dead by Daylight game was also revealed, and it is completely different from Supermassive’s. Midwinter Entertainment, which Behaviour acquired in September 2022, is developing a PVE Dead by Daylight title that will be in a “strange new corner of the Entity’s realms” and have themes that center around “greed and the lust for power.” Midwinter’s last game, Scavengers, was also a PVE title and was shut down in December 2022. Studio head Mary Olsen said this Dead by Daylight game is still in the “very early stages,” so users shouldn’t expect to hear more in the near future.

Twitter user dvveet also accurately leaked the existence of these two games on May 17.