New Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Gives You a Look at the Gameplay & Environments

In the new Dynasty Warriors 9 trailer today, Koei Tecmo gives you a look at the gameplay and environments from their upcoming action game.

Discussing the new State Combo System, Koei Tecmo said:

This new system allows players to perform 3 different attack styles – Trigger Attacks, Flow Attacks and Finish Attacks – each dealing progressively more damage. Trigger Attacks allow players to create the start of an explosive combo, leading to Flow Attacks, which adapt to the enemy’s current state. Successful combos allow for a Finish Attack to be performed, delivering a final blow that eradicates any foes caught in its path. These new enhancements aim to create a thrilling and fluid experience unlike any previous entry in the franchise.

There’s also the Interactive Action system, which lets you use your surroundings for the first time in a Warriors game. This includes being able to climb buildings and mountains, wield grappling hooks to move up walls, and, as the trailer shows, use objects like oil barrels to help you out in battle.

While Dynasty Warriors 9 is confirmed for PlayStation 4 in Japan, platforms and a release window in North America and Europe will be unveiled “in the coming months.”