Overwatch Loot Box Duplicates Getting Drastically Reduced

In a new Developer Update video, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed some significant updates that are coming to the team-based shooter sometime in the future, including changes to the game’s Loot Boxes and Highlights system.

According to the video, the update will “drastically reduce” the number of duplicates players may get from Loot Boxes.

We think this will be immediately evident and extremely significant for all of our players.

As for the consequential reduction in Credit income due to the reduced duplicates, the developers plan to compensate for it by increasing the amount of Credits that Loot Boxes give in general.

We’ll make sure your Credit intake will be at least the same if not more.

Aside from the Loot Box changes, the chunk of the video talks about the changes coming to the game’s Highlights feature.

According to Kaplan, the changes to the Highlights system are a “complete iteration and evolution” of the feature. First off, the top five highlights the game automatically recommends will now be saved for up to 24 hours instead of being deleted once the game is closed.

The developers are also adding a new Recently Captured section where manually captured highlights will be kept. When the update goes live, players will be able to bind a “Capture” key, which they can use to manually save highlights that will be stored in the Recently Captured area. Up to 32 highlights can be saved at a time, which you can then choose to save as video files.

There’s not date yet for when these new changes will come to the game.

[Source: Overwatch (YouTube)]