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E3 2017 Featured 60% More New IPs Than Last Year, 15 More Game Reveals

A lot of the criticism surrounding E3 2017 has been about a perceived lack of new game reveals, but that simply wasn’t the case according to the numbers. According to an excellent article over at Finder by Brodie Fogg, E3 2017 actually topped last year’s event in terms of new IPs shown, and overall game reveals. This might come as a surprise, but the numbers don’t lie.

Fogg crunched the numbers, and there were a total of 16 completely new intellectual properties shown off at publisher’s press conferences. That’s six more than last year, and a startling 12 more than E3 2015. While the total number of game reveals didn’t rival the whopping 60% increase that new IPs saw, there were 48% more game reveals this year resulting in 46 unveils.

A full breakdown can be seen over at Finder, but here are a few of the most interesting nuggets of information as they apply to PlayStation. PlayStation VR was a leader in terms of new IP announcements, as there were five newly announced titles (Moss, Bravo Team, Starchild, The Inpatient and Transference). On top of that, Sony had the most new game reveals with a total of 14. That barely edged out Microsoft, who showed off 12 unannounced titles.

These numbers are bound to take many by surprise, and while it shows that the criticism regarding a lack of new games is frankly incorrect, it doesn’t discredit the dissatisfaction of those fans. In fact, it’s brings up a telling point that the number of game reveals doesn’t matter as much as the quality of game reveals. Since PlayStation VR games are only playable to a small fraction of PS4 owners, it’s likely those new releases didn’t excite a large portion of those who watched E3. Either way, there’s no shortage of new releases coming in the future.

(Source: Finder)