Sony Is Much Easier to Talk to and Work With Than Microsoft, Says Indie Dev

David Condolora of indie studio Brain & Brain (Burly Men At Sea) has revealed that his team’s experience of working with Sony has been “very good” and that the company has been “very supportive,” especially when it comes to indie projects. In an interview with Gamasutra following E3 2017, Condolora said that Sony is more “forthcoming and interested” than Microsoft, and is much easier to talk to and work with.

When quizzed about the lack of indies at Sony’s E3 showcase this year, Condolora said that the absence of smaller games took him by surprise given Sony’s history, and stressed that the company has supported indies “very well” over the last couple of years.

When asked if he thinks we’ll see a developer shift towards Microsoft considering that the company has been vocal about supporting indies as of late, Condolora said:

I think that Sony is still the biggest game in town. You want to be on a platform that has the most eyeballs on it. Our experience with Microsoft has sort of been the opposite of Sony and sort of what you’re describing. They may be a little more out there, but for a developer like us, where maybe our game is a little bit too small or niche for them to care too much about it behind the scenes. So there wasn’t the interest there.

He also said that he’s very interested in seeing how the Nintendo Switch develops going forward.

What do our readers think of the lack of indies at Sony’s E3 2017 showcase, which is unlike previous year’s conferences?

[Source: Gamasutra]