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Housemarque Holds AMA on Reddit, Says PS+ Is “Tricky Thing” When It Comes to Game Sales

In case you didn’t know, Housemarque just released chaotic shooter Nex Machina last week. While the game has gotten fantastic reviews so far (check our review to see what we score it), Housemarque isn’t done promoting the game just yet.

Over on Reddit, Housemarque developers along with developer Eugene Jarvis (Smash TV) who helped in shaping Nex Machina, held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. As one can expect, a lot of questions were asked, and we’ve sifted through some of the best. One of the good questions came from Reddit user fumblebuck who asked about Housemarque games appearing as freebies on PlayStation Plus and how it affects game sales.

User fumblebuck asked:

Hey guys, congratulations on all your success. I’ve been a fan since Super Stardust HD on the PS3.

1)- does it bother you that you’re known as “those twinstick shooter guys”? I mean, you make excellent games in that genre. But does it seem a little limiting to you sometimes?

2)- Nex might be the first of your games that I buy, since all your other games came out on PS+! How do you guys actually make money when your game is for free on a service like PS+?

Keep up the good work.

Here’s what Mikael Haveri, Head of Publishing of Housemarque had to say:

1) Not really, we do what we like and get paid. We think gameplay is essential, so doesn’t necessarily mean just twin-sticks.

2) PS+ is a tricky thing, actually it might be harming the initial sales of smaller titles, but can also be a huge boost for some. Sony has their deals and we won’t comment on the details. Resogun was played by tooons of people that otherwise might not have, so that’s always great. 🙂

There’s a ton of stuff to read through right here, and if you’re a fan of Housemarque’s games, you better give it a read.  The studio talks about self-publishing its own games, “guerrilla” promoting the game at E3 2017 and lots more.

In other Nex Machina news, Housemarque is asking for player feedback in terms of a Nex Machina Season Pass.

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