Nintendo Switch Reaches 1M Sales in Japan, Faster Than PS4 and PS Vita

The sales of the Nintendo Switch have surpassed the 1-million mark in Japan in just 17 weeks, according to a report by Famitsu. This is almost three times faster than that of the PS4 in Japan, showing just how popular handheld consoles are in the country.

In comparison, the 3DS only took 13 weeks to reach the same mark, the PS Vita took 43 weeks, and the PS4 took a total of 49 weeks. The fastest selling console in Japan however is still the Game Boy Advance, which only took 3 weeks to sell 1 million units.

Price-wise, the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 Slim cost around the same at a little under 30,000 Yen.

The Nintendo Switch continues to be in short supply in Japan, with many retailers offering customers tickets for a chance to purchase the console. Nintendo has apologized for the shortage saying it is working on producing more Switch units for July and August.

[Source: Famitsu via Games Industry]