Monster Hunter: World Director Explains New Features and Story Premise

Capcom just put out a video interview with key members of the Monster Hunter: World development team. You can check out the full video above, or keep reading to see what Executive Director Kaname Fujioka and Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto had to say about the next game in Capcom’s popular series. They discussed key new features, and how the series is now returning to consoles.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto spoke about how the series had been going on for 13 years, and that they were excited to be back on consoles. “All the know-how we’ve built up over all those years making Monster Hunter games is being put to use to make the best games we can for current consoles,” said Tsujimoto. “We have made changes and additions where we have deemed necessary in order to bring you guys the ultimate evolution of Monster Hunter.”

Executive Director Kaname Fujioka spoke to what the team wanted to accomplish with their E3 reveal. “What we especially wanted to show off was the seamless game experience featuring a living, breathing ecosystem in which monsters and creatures interact with each other,” said Fujioka. “And you, as a Hunter, have to think about how you will fit into that world.” Tsujimoto added that “What we wanted to express with World was a lifelike ecosystem of plants and creatures each with a mind of its own and behaving in a realistic way interacting with each other. The creatures all have their own behaviours, and that means naturally if one monster invades another’s territory they will make decisions on how to react.”

He also stated that due to maps being seamless, it’s easier for players to get lost in the environment. To help players along, they’ve introduced a new mechanic called Scoutflies that can guide the player. “It’s kind of like what hunting dogs do in real life,” explained Fujioka.” They pick up the scent of monster tracks and traces and guide you to your target. They can also point out gatherable items, so the hunting support they provide will be a key part of Monster Hunter: World.”

Fujioka also detailed the game’s premise, which explains why new monsters will be found during the game. “This time, the hunter character is part of a research commission which has been sent to explore this dangerous new world that no one has ever been to before and is filled with all kinds of undiscovered monsters,” said Fujioka. “You’re all no doubt interested to know more about the monsters we showed in the trailer. Series fans will be familiar with the one appearing at the end: Rathalos, which is an iconic creature across the whole series. You’ll also see a new monster muscling in on Rathalos’s territory. This is the Anjanath, a two-legged dinosaur-like monster.”

Monster Hunter: World is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2018. A PC release will follow. For more information on the game, check out our E3 2017 preview.