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PlayStation Exclusive Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gives Us a “A Film By Peter Parker”

With Marvel’s version of Spider-Man is finally hitting the big screen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, co-producer and movie rights owner Sony is pulling from its cross-promotion bag of tricks to make sure the film’s a success.

While there’s the free PlayStation VR Spider-Man: Homecoming experience which is out today, Sony’s roping in the PlayStation family for one more marketing tie-in. By going to your PlayStation device’s PlayStation Store, you’ll get to watch a trailer titled “A Film By Peter Park.” Shot as a video diary by Peter Parker (duh!), it follows Peter’s journey into the MCU — including his debut.

It might be spoiler-ish to some, so proceed at your own risk. I want to watch Homecoming unspoiled given the trailers have given away way too much already, so I definitely am skipping this one.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is swinging to theaters next week, July 7, and stars Tom Holland as the webslinger.

For actual gaming news about the webhead, go check out our Marvel’s Spider-Man preview, and of course, the awesome gameplay clip shown by Sony at E3.

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