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Evil Genius 2 Announced for PC, Other Platforms Will Be Considered

Rebellion Developments, the makers of the Sniper Elite franchise, have just announced that it has begun development on Evil Genius 2, the sequel to 2004’s real-time strategy and simulation game originally developed by the now-defunct Elixir Studios. The announcement was made by Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley in an interview at E3 which has now just been published.

According to the studio, development on Evil Genius 2 is still in its early stages so it’s definitely still quite a long way from being released. Additionally, the studio is currently focusing on the PC release of the game, although other platforms will be considered depending on “what fits and what doesn’t.”

Evil Genius 2 will be built on Rebellion’s own Asura engine, the first time the in-house engine will be used for a real-time strategy game.

The sequel was at one point supposed to be announced and crowdfunded several years ago but according to the studio, it decided instead to put resources into the projects that eventually became the Zombie Army Trilogy, Battlezone on PSVR, and Sniper Elite 3 & 4.

The game has no definite release date yet and the studio has said that it may be awhile before they’ll be able to show anything so we’ll just have to wait and see if Evil Genius 2 will eventually make its way to the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Rebellion (YouTube)]