‘World’s Fastest Platinum Trophy Game’ Dev Worked With Sony for Months to Meet Every Standard

In a Facebook post defending Sony, the developer of ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated praised how much Sony cares about indie developers and how they’re “100% committed to supporting our gameplay visions (and trophy sets),” regardless of what that vision is.

After mentioning that Sony doesn’t know they’re writing this, the developer said they aren’t bothered by negative reviews, but it does hurt them when people criticize Sony:

But when people criticize Sony’s quality process – they don’t realize it, but they’re actually, to some extent, criticizing Sony’s commitment to letting indies build unconventional games. And criticizing Sony’s commitment to indies – I don’t know why – but that actually kind of hurts for some reason.

See, my experience with Sony as an indie developer does not feel like working with a large company that doesn’t care.

Sony cares. A lot. From the product managers to the QA team and everyone in between. They care about players. They care about game quality. They care about developers.

When it comes to bringing my game into the world, Sony feels like family.

The developer then added that they worked with Sony for months to make sure ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated met every standard:

Sony knew my game was a casual sliding tile game with a quirky name and trophies and a (humorous-to-me) self-aware trailer. For months and months they diligently, carefully, professionally, questioned me, requestioned, asked for changes, asked for submissions and resubmissions until the game met every standard, and in the end they proved they love indie developers enough to give it their blessing…even if they still squinted at it sideways.

As for the game being taken down from the PlayStation Store, Sony isn’t asking for any changes to gameplay or the Trophies. Instead, “they just want a name change and marketing assets to remove mention of trophies.”

The developer is also looking for a new name for ★★★★★ 1000 Top Ratedand some of the options are Top Rated Sliders, Super Tile Slider, Top Rated Tiletopia, and Sliding Tile Videogame. You can leave your suggestion on their Facebook page.

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