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Off-Road Racer Gravel Has Been Delayed to Early 2018, New Dev Diary Released

Gravel, the new arcade off-road racer by Ride and MXGP developer Milestone, has been delayed from its supposed summer 2017 release to early 2018, according to a post by Milestone Social and Community Manager Andrea Porta on the PlayStation Blog.

Aside from mentioning Gravel’s new early 2018 release date, the article on the PlayStation Blog announces and details a new dev diary for the game. The dev diary tells the story of Milestone’s move to the Unreal Engine and how it has affected the other aspects of the studio’s production process, including its art department as well as the reference and audio engineering.

The dev diary also showcases some of the landscapes and environments their 3D artists are making, as well as some of the title’s in-game audio, skies and lighting effects, and more.

With Gravel delayed to early next year, this probably won’t be the last dev diary that will be released for the game.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (US)]