Italian Air Force Joins War Thunder Today as Closed Testing Ends

Fans of Gaijin Entertainment’s vehicular combat MMO War Thunder can now take to the sky as members of the Italian Air Force. All of the Italian aircraft can now be unlocked in the game, as they’ve finished their closed testing phase. Two of the most exciting additions are the jet fighters, Fiat G.91 and G.91R/1.

Here’s what Gaijin Entertainment had to say about the vehicles leaving beta:

Warmly welcomed by the players of War Thunder, the new Italian aircraft are now a common sight in the skies above the War Thunder battlefields. To prepare them for release, all Italian aircraft went through a closed playtest on the live servers, after which they were progressively unlocked for all players to research. Both purchasers of one of the Italian Founder packs and active players of War Thunder could participate in the testing, giving the developers invaluable feedback in the process. Today, many virtual pilots have already mastered the unique and ingenious Italian designs, which now play a major role in any air combat they participate in.

Naturally, with the end of closed testing the development of the Italian Air Force in War Thunder is all but finished. New Italian content is already in development and will reach the players of War Thunder as soon as the next major update goes live. Further information will be published in time on the official Developer’s Blog here.

As noted in their press release, more content is on the way for War Thunder. This includes additional Italian vehicles, with more to come in the game’s next major update. The Italian military marks the sixth major nation that has been added to the title.

War Thunder is currently available for PlayStation 4, and is free-to-play.