Dying Light Developer Techland Discusses the Upcoming Year of Free DLC

Going over their plans to release 10 free pieces of DLC in the next 12 months, Producer Tymon Smektala showed that 500,000 people played Dying Light weekly in May 2017, which is just 200,000 less than the 700,000 weekly active users seen in September 2015.

After thanking the fans for their continued support, Smektala said, “In the next 12 months we will give you 10 pieces of original, new content. You can expect new, challenging enemies; more in-game events; new mysteries to solve; and much, much more. And the best thing is: all of the stuff will be free for all our players across all platforms.”

In the original announcement, Techland also said you can expect never-before-seen locations and additional gameplay tweaks.

First up is DLC #0, which will be out soon “as a tiny taste of our continuous support for Dying Light.” It will have new enemies:

If you have any ideas for upcoming content, Techland suggests contacting them through Twitter, Facebook, or their forums.

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