PS4 Pro Enhancements for Fortnite, Pyre & Shadow Tactics Detailed in New PlayStation Blog Series

Sony has launched a new series on the PlayStation Blog where they get developers to tell them all about the enhancements they’re bringing to PlayStation 4 Pro. For this first edition, three new releases were highlighted: Fortnite, Pyre, and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

With Fortnite, which is now available in paid early access before going free-to-play next year, PS4 Pro owners will only find 1080p visuals. However, as Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe’s Matthew Groizard adds, “the team have poured the extra power of PS4 Pro into dialing up the bells and whistles for a greatly improved overall visual presentation.”

Going through the list, Fortnite on PS4 Pro gets light shafts, screen-space subsurface scattering, a four-fold increase in volumetric lighting resolution, higher quality ambient occlusion, higher quality reflections, a doubled particle spawn rate, improved motion blur, a 25% increase in draw distance, and the temporal anti-aliasing (which smooths out jagged edges and improves the clarity of detail) “has an additional feature called ‘dynamic anti-ghosting’, which cleverly improves image quality around rapidly moving objects.” You’ll also find a performance boost thanks to PS4 Pro, “giving a more consistent overall gameplay experience.”

Moving to Pyre, as we learned previously, you’ll find 2160p visuals at 60 frames-per-second on PS4 Pro. With down-sampling, those without a 4K TV will find “a more finely-detailed 1080p image from the full the 4K render, smoothing jagged edges and refining object and texture detail, particularly at a distance.” If you buy Pyre, make sure to use Game Revolution’s great guide to make your playthrough even more enjoyable.

Finally, while the PS4 Pro doesn’t bring visual enhancements to Shadow Tactics, it does include an option to lock the frame-rate at either 30fps or 60fps. If you decide to go with an unlocked frame-rate, you can “expect a reliably smooth 60fps throughout play.” On the base PS4, frame-rates are around 30fps – 35fps, and there’s an option to lock it at 30fps.

You can read our impressions on Fortnite over here, with our review of Pyre over hereShadow Tactics is out later this week in Europe, and early next week in North America.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]