Birthdays the Beginning Gets Free DLC, Includes Kunio-kun and Prinny Items

"We've got some pretty cool ornaments for you, dood."

NIS America just released a ton of free DLC for their garden game Birthdays the Beginning. While these items are “strictly ornamental and provide no special effects,” they certainly do spice up the PlayStation 4 game. The DLC includes a Prinny doll, River City Ransom characters Kunio and Riki, and a bunch of other assorted items.

Here’s the full list of DLC with descriptions courtesy of NIS America:

Prinny Doll (NA/EU Release Date: July 28) – Includes the ornamental “Prinny Doll” item, a tribute to the beloved Disgaea mascot.

Kunio and Riki Set (NA/EU Release Date: July 28) – The prolific high school punks burst onto the scene in Birthdays the Beginning. The Kunio and Riki Set contains the characters Kunio and Riki.

World Flag Set (NA Release Date: July 28/EU Release Date: July 31) – The World Flag Set contains the national flags of the following countries: America, Canada, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, China, and Japan.

World Monument Set (NA Release Date: July 28/EU Release Date: July 31) – The World Monument Set contains the following items: Pyramid, Stonehenge, Moai Statue, Totem Pole, Obelisk, and Chichen Itza.

Zen Garden Set (NA Release Date: July 28/ EU Release Date: July 31) – The Zen Garden contains the following items: Pond & Bridge, Stone Lantern, Large Bushes, Fence, Gate, and Sozu.

Cube Creator DX Set (NA/EU Release Date: July 28) – The Cube Creator DX Set contains the following items: Cube & Brothers, Cube & Animals, and Cube & Monsters.

Desert Rat Squad Set (NA Release Date: July 28/EU Release Date: July 31– The Desert Rat Squad Set contains the Desert Rat and Devil Cat items.

North American players can download the Birthdays the Beginning DLC on the PlayStation Store for free.

Birthdays the Beginning is available now on PlayStation 4. For even more on the garden game, check out our review.