These Fluff Balls Are the Best Video Game Cats

August 8 is a great day every year. That’s because it’s the date of International Cat Day! All over social media, people are talking about their beloved feline friends and are sharing pictures of furry cuties. I wanted to get in on the fun, so I figured I’d highlight some video game cats that are just as much fun as their real life counterparts.

Before I get into the list, it’s worth noting that this is a PlayStation website. Due to this, I didn’t include some iconic gaming cats that only appeared on other consoles. It’s probably a better list due to that because I’d just list my 10 favorite Animal Crossing cats. It’s also worth keeping in mind that this (shockingly) isn’t some sort of science (unlike all of the site’s other lists, which are 100% objective), I just listed some video game cats I like. I’m a simple man, and I adore cats.

Check out my 10 best video game cats in the slideshow below!

I hope you enjoyed my look at some of the best video game cats. If your favorite gaming cat didn’t make my list, don’t fret. I’m sure they’re great as well. Virtual or not, all cats are great. Except Garfield. Garfield is terrible. I mean, how can someone believe that a cat would love lasagna? Believe me, I can suspend my disbelief for many things, but cats do not love lasagna. That’s just silly and ridiculous. Do better, Garfield. Do better.

Let us know what you think the best video game cats are by joining the conversation in the comments below!

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