Dragon Age Director Doesn’t Know How Series Ends, Only Ideas Where Next Games Will Go

Any video game series that has a narrative as deep as Dragon Age‘s undoubtedly takes several years to hammer out the details. Those details may only be for that particular game as well, and as development plods along, the original ideas always morph into something else. Such is why BioWare takes several years in between Dragon Age entries (ignore Dragon Age 2, please), and why they start plans for the next entry while still working on the current one.

Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw recently tweeted that the series’ dev team always logs these future entry ideas, which is why he and his team has an “evolving plan” for the next two games.

That said, however, the team does not look that much further into the series’ future. As evidenced in the tweet above, Laidlaw strictly said they have no plan for how the series will end.

Also, his tweet blatantly explains that any plan they have constantly changes. Sure, they will have the environments plotted out and possibly which characters will carry over from previous games. Well, we can probably assume there will be magic and dragons, and perhaps another hero who will save the world from certain doom. Other than that, they have no clear idea where Ferelden, Orlais, Tevinter, or any other region will go next.


It’s no surprise, then, why we haven’t heard much of anything on the next Dragon Age game other than the fact there will be one. As long BioWare keeps developing wonderful narratives in the DA-verse, it’s okay to keep fans waiting.

[Source: Inquisitr, Twitter]