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Matterfall Tips – How to Get High Scores and Survive

Matterfall Tips

Fans of blowing stuff up will have a lot of fun with Matterfall, as Housemarque’s latest title is a challenging, yet ultimately satisfying title. That said, there’s quite a learning curve to the platform shooter, as there are a lot of mechanics going on that separate this from the average arcade shooter. If you want to minimize that learning curve and start getting some respectable high scores then you’ll want to read our Matterfall tips.

Check out our Matterfall tips to getting a high score below!

For more on Matterfall make sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say about Housemarque’s latest:

While most of Matterfall‘s gameplay feels new, there are some throwback sequences that’ll remind players of Housemarque’s signature top-down shooters. Some levels feature an anti-gravity area that’ll make players stop worrying about platforming, and instead have to deal with some rough bullet hell sequences. These end up being a nice change of pace, even if it’s just another way to enjoy the nonstop shooting and explosions the game has to offer.

Despite closing weaker than it starts, there’s a lot to like about Matterfall‘s unique blend of platforming and shooting. It’s great to see Housemarque trying something new, and besides some tricky controls, they nail most of their ideas flawlessly. PlayStation 4 owners can safely rack this up as yet another Housemarque gem.

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