Street Fighter V 30th Anniversary Costumes Coming This Month

Capcom has announced via their Capcom Blog that the Street Fighter V 30th Anniversary costumes will hit the PlayStation Store August 29. This set will contain four new costumes for M. Bison, Karin, Guile, and Ibuki. This costumes will be $3.99 a piece, and there seems to be no sort of bundle option available.

Ibuki’s new outfit is above, but you can take a look at the rest below:

street fighter v costumes 2street fighter v costumes 4street fighter v costumes

Check out our review of Street Fighter V for more information on the latest installment of this iconic fighting game series:

This is one of the prettiest fighters I’ve ever seen. SFV runs on the Unreal Engine 4, presented in that crisp, cel-shaded hybrid look that the series is known for. I don’t recall ever seeing the game stutter, either, unlike when the Street Fighter series last made an appearance on the PlayStation 4. Stages are highly detailed, with plenty of action going on in the background, and even some environmental interaction if you can manage to knock out an opponent near the side of the level. Fighter character models are also of a nice detail, though the game’s hair physics can get occasionally wonky. Overall, this is a clean, consistently high-caliber experience in terms of presentation.

Street Fighter V isn’t all beauty and no brains, though. While the Critical Arts, or CA bar, is carried over from past iterations, the Ultra moves from SFIV Ultra are gone, with a new V-Gauge taking their place. This should not be cause for concern, though; you get three new tactics to utilize. The V-Gauge is two-tiered, and introduces new mechanics, with some of these new moves serving as buffers. V-Skills are unique to each character, V-Reversals are very powerful counters, and V-Triggers use up your entire V-Gauge in order to perform a new special attack.

Are you planning on getting any of these new outfits?

[Source: Capcom Blog]