LawBreakers Weekend Giveaway – Win the Full Game

LawBreakers is an online competitive game from Cliff Blezinksi and Boss Key Productions that melds character shooters with precise first-person combat. We want to get you playing the high-flying anti-gravity character shooter too, so we’re giving away a bunch of codes for the full game on PS4.

We want to give you a few opportunities to win, so here’s how you can enter:

  • Simply throw a comment below telling us what you would do if you had anti-gravity abilities. Looking for creative comments here!
  • Head over to our Twitter, follow us, and retweet the link for this giveaway. Funny how advertising the giveaway to others is how you get your entry to win, right?
  • Visit our Facebook page, like us, and comment on one of the posts about the giveaway. Sharing it may also help your chances!

We’ll be picking a few winners from each channel on Monday, so make sure to get yourself entered into our LawBreakers giveaway!

Standard disclosure, the codes that we have are NA codes that will only work on the North American PSN. Sorry to our readers outside of the US and Canada!

In my review, I noted that LawBreakers finds a sweet balance between the likes of Overwatch and Call of Duty.

In terms of exciting moments and fun, varied competitive combat, LawBreakers has a great lock on what makes players want to play, both from the fast-paced competitive side and the specialized character side. While it could do with more in the way of tutorials to teach players how to play, it does an excellent job of balancing each match to feel immediate and competitive, while also keeping the cadence that makes some of the slower multiplayer games more fun to play. It’s inexpensive launch price and promise never to tread the waters of microtransactions help to sell a game that is easy to pick up and fun to play, but has enough nuance to keep players coming back for a long time.

Good luck to all our readers with the LawBreakers giveaway!