Rainbow Six: Siege Will Have a Free Weekend for PS Plus Members

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, clear up your schedule this weekend as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is free to play from August 24 to 27. This free weekend comes just ahead of the release of Operation Blood Orchid, the latest free update to the shooter that’s slated to come out September 5. Rainbow Six: Siege will also be on sale for 50% off for the duration of the free weekend.

Ubisoft has also given some tips about the new Operation Blood Orchid content on the PlayStation.Blog:

  1. Ying, the new attacker, has a small spherical charge that ejects flashbangs into the air when it detonates, blinding nearby enemies. It can be thrown like a grenade, or placed on a breachable wall so that it shoots flashbangs through to the other side, but the key is in the timing. Prime the charge for a few seconds and place it on a wall, and it will delay the detonation so you have time to line up your entry. Prime it and throw it, and it will roll along the ground before detonating, allowing you to flash enemies hiding in out-of-the-way places. The best part? Ying is shielded from her own flashes, so you can rush in and take out your foes while they’re still recovering their sight.
  2. Lesion, one of the new defenders, can throw poison needle traps that deploy on the ground and cloak themselves, making them all but invisible to the naked eye. When an enemy steps on one, their vision turns a queasy green and they start taking damage. Poisoned foes can either back away to recover, delaying their advance, or pause to remove the needle, leaving them temporary vulnerable. Throwing these near doors and windows early is a good setup strategy, but Lesion gains more traps over time, so be sure to continue placing them as the round progresses to make things even more dangerous for your enemies.
  3. Ela, the other new defender, has traps to deploy as well, though hers are proximity concussion mines that detonate when an enemy is nearby. These can be placed on floors, walls, and ceilings to defend entrances to the objective area, or to set an ambush for flanking enemies. Ela is speedy, so lie in wait around the corner and when you hear your mine explode, rush in to take care of your dazed and disoriented prey. And if she happens to get downed, she’s got one more trick up her sleeve—a mine she carries on her person that she can trigger, giving her allies a chance to smite her attacker (while they’re disoriented) and revive her.
  4. Blood Orchid is also bringing a host of new updates to the game, including one that will greatly increase the attacking team’s intel-gathering capacity. Now attackers will be able to have both of their scouting drones deployed at the same time, and they can switch between the two at will. This effectively doubles the amount of camera feeds the attackers can set up, and in a game where knowledge is power, clever drone placement can be very powerful indeed.
  5. The Theme Park map brings a fantastical array of room designs for players to explore, from bustling arcades to a tomb full of gargoyles. A ground cable circling the first-floor rooms can help you get oriented, and be sure to find a quiet moment to visit the fortune-teller machine and heed his words of wisdom.

Will you be playing Rainbow Six: Siege this weekend?

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]