Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Closed Beta Starts Today

If you were lucky enough to gain access to the Dissida Final Fantasy NT beta, check your emails. You should be able to download the beta client to your PS4 right now, and you can start playing tonight at 9 PM PDT. The beta will run until September 3rd at 9 PM PDT, but the client can only be downloaded until September 1st, so make sure to redeem your code through the PlayStation Store before then.

Registration for the closed beta remains open, so there’s a chance you can still get a code. Visit the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta registration page to try your hand at gaining access. Here’s what you can expect from the beta.

Players of the Closed Beta Test will be able to try their hand at the team-based brawler, playing as memorable heroes and villains from throughout the Final Fantasy series. Players will be able to experience fast-paced and exhilarating 3-on-3 battles across familiar arenas with the help of powerful and epic summons including Ifrit, Shiva, and Odin.

As a reminder, all players of the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta should read the Tester Agreement before playing to ensure that they understand the stipulations of beta access. This is a portion of that agreement.


2.1 General Responsibilities of Beta Tester

Beta Tester shall participate responsibly in the Beta Test. The Beta Tester shall be liable for any damages, costs, or expenses incurred by others or Company arising directly or indirectly from Beta Tester’s participation in the Beta Test.

Beta Tester understands and agrees that the use of the Products, Software, Documentation, and other materials supplied to Beta Tester by Company shall only be used for the purpose of Beta Testing by Beta Tester. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

Will you be playing the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta this weekend? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.