These Four PS4 Titles Are Your Redbox September Games

While Madden NFL 18 joins the Redbox catalog of games today, the movie and game rental company also announced what games will be joining their library in September 2017. Things kick off with the PS4 exclusive Knack 2 on September 5, and continues with Destiny 2 on September 6. The rest of the month is slightly slower but PES 2018 releases on September 12, and NBA 2K18 releases September 19.

For more on Redbox and how they decide on what games to feature, check out our Redbox games interview with Daisy Yuhas. Here’s how she explained how the company chooses what games to release nationwide:

We have a variety of different ways that we decide that. So, if you keep in mind that we have over 40,000 locations across the nation and there’s a variety of people we’re trying to talk to. We’re in 100s and 100s of different retailers be that a convenience store or a grocery store. So there’s a variety of people we want to talk to across the nation. So, what we do is we look at the nation, we look at the biggest and best titles. As you know those AAA titles are starting to kick off with Madden, but in the meantime, we’re looking to talk to the family customer that has more time this summer to rent. Before Madden, we have LEGO WorldsMicro Machines and a lot of family product. So between picking the biggest and most AAA product that we know everyone will consume we also want to fill the rest of the year with catalog product. Just because if you’re going to rent a movie or a game you have more time in the summer to play, so that’s who we cater to when we’re deciding what to put across the nation.