Ark: Survival Evolved Is a “Hugely Successful IP With Staying Power,” Says Director

Ark: Survival Evolved director Jesse Rapczak has said that Studio Wildcard has no plans to stop working on the action adventure title anytime soon considering its success, and revealed that the developers intend to extend the game over the next few years at least. Answering a series of fan questions on GameSpot about the future of Ark, Rapczak said:

Ark has proven to be a hugely successful IP with staying power, so we don’t plan to stop developing it any time soon. We have exciting plans and lots of ideas to extend Ark over the next few years, and you’ll be hearing about them soon.

We very much feel that Ark is an IP that transcends one game, and you’ll be hearing more about Ark’s future following the retail launch on August 29th.

When asked if Studio Wildcard is confident that Ark is ready to exit early access considering the number of bugs and performance issues that it suffers from, Rapczak replied:

We definitely are ready to come out of Early Access, but that doesn’t mean we’re ending development! Now that the console versions have hit Gold Master, many of the biggest issues in the multiplayer game are being addressed over the next few weeks with the team focused especially on PC optimizations and bug fixing leading up to launch.

Our server refresh and cheating fixes being deployed are intended to fix a lot of the remaining problems players have been seeing with the live game. We are already seeing a tremendous amount of pre-launch interest in the retail version of the console game, and strongly believe that Ark’s retail price is a great value at launch–especially for new players!

Ark: Survival Evolved will fully release on August 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: GameSpot]