Fortnite Update 1.5 Delayed Due to “Critical Stability Issues” [Update]


The Fortnite Twitter now indicates that Fortnite update 1.5 will release around 7 PM Eastern.


Fortnite update 1.5 with Survive the Storm was supposed to launch today, but has been delayed to an unspecified time. According to the Fortnite Twitter feed, the delay is to fix some critical stability issues.

The tweet announcing the delay was sent yesterday afternoon, but the latest word from Epic was earlier today when they said that they would be providing an update on the status of Survive the Storm sometime later today.

We’ll keep you updated on when the Fortnite Survive the Storm update will go live, but for now, you can check out this list of patch notes that the update will bring when it does finally release. Here’s a very small portion of what changes Fortnite update 1.5 will bring, with the link providing the full patch notes.



  • Performance improvements for:
    • Building indicators
    • Floating damage numbers
    • Player movement and camera
  • Made “Selected Building Type” key binding also copy the highlighted building piece’s configuration.
  • Updated live streaming quest rewards.
    • Replaced 500 Hero XP reward with 1 Mini Llama.
    • Subscriber Quests now award 1 Mini Llama plus 100 Storm Tickets.
  • Improved load times on Mac.


  • Adding a second EMT Survivor and Fire Team Alpha Survivor into the initial “Unlock Survivor Squads” node.
    • Four slots in which Survivors can be placed are now available very early in the skill tree.
  • Changed how stagger/stun/knockdown resistance functions for mid-sized enemies (Husky Husks, Blaster, Flinger).
    • We increased the rate at which enemies regenerate Stability to partially compensate for this change.
  • Adjusted several of the lighter, faster-firing Shotguns so that they stagger enemies instead of knocking them down.
    • Especially if the enemies hit are not at close range.
  • Increased the impact dealt by most types of Assault Rifles and Pistols.
  • You can no longer increase the durability of Explosive weapon schematics.
    • Durability improvements on existing explosive weapon schematics have been replaced with increased damage improvements.
  • Durability bonuses have been rebalanced
  • “Play with Others” matchmaking improved.
    • Corrected an issue caused by selecting “Quest Progression” under “Play with Others.”
      • Previously did not load you into a mission.
    • The Quick Play option now places players into the zones with the highest power level they are eligible to play in.
      • The same applies for mission alerts.
    • The Custom option allows players to select a difficulty .
      • It defaults to the difficulty range that matches the current party homebase power.


  • Reduced the cost of many transformation recipes.
  • Piles of refined wood/stone/metal now drop more materials based on their size.
  • Improved loot from defending downed satellites.
  • Reduced Ore and Crystal quest reward quantities across the board.
  • Evolving basic survivors will now require less Drops of Rain and other materials.
  • Significantly increased reward scaling with difficulty throughout all zones.
  • Increased experience reward scaling when opening higher level chests throughout all zones.
  • Increased Survivor XP Quest Rewards across the board.
    • Players who have already completed these Quests prior to this update will be granted the additional Survivor XP.


  • “The Van or Astro-van?” Quest now awards 10 Pure Drops of Rain in addition to the existing Jump Pad rewards.
    • Players who have already completed this Quest prior to this update will also receive this additional reward.
  • Replaced the Handmade Ruler Sword schematic with the Handmade Semi-Auto Handgun schematic as the tutorial reward.
  • The “Ride the Lightning” quest now awards the Handmade Ruler Sword schematic in addition to the Handmade Healing Pad schematic.
  • Weapon/Trap Evolution tutorial quest now becomes available after “Van or Astro-van?” Quest is completed.
    • This should reduce confusion since the Weapon/Trap Evolution quest could potentially become available before the player is capable of completing it
  • Increased the recommended build limit in Repair the Shelter and Evacuate the Shelter missions by 25.
  • Primary Mission icons are now more clearer the full-screen map.

Are you eagerly awaiting Fortnite update 1.5 and the new Survive the Storm content?