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Report: The September 2017 PlayStation Plus Free Games for PS4 Have Been Leaked (Update)

Update: Sony has announced the September 2017 PS+ titles, and they do include inFamous Second Son and Child of Light, but only in Europe. In North America, inFamous Second Son and Strike Vector Ex are the two PS4 offerings.

Original Story: The September 2017 PlayStation Plus free games won’t be officially announced until tomorrow, but if a leaked Facebook ad is anything to go by, the two PlayStation 4 titles will be inFamous Second Son and Child of Light.

Posted on Hot UK Deals, the ad from Sony PlayStation says, “PS Plus members – download inFAMOUS Second Son and Child of Light throughout September.” If the ad is real, both of these games will be available in the Instant Game Collection from September 5 through October 2.

Here’s what we said about inFamous Second Son in our review:

inFAMOUS Second Son isn’t a perfect game. The overarching story is a bit stunted and combat can feel somewhat repetitive. What holds Second Son together is how solidly all aspects of the game were made. You can feel the passion that each person at Sucker Punch has for their individual role as each element solidifies and interfaces into an extremely well made game overall. While it may not be remembered for bringing anything new to the table in terms of overall mechanics, Sucker Punch have certainly set a benchmark for how games should incorporate the power of the PS4 to fuse all elements of a game and make one strikingly solid experience.

Sony previously offered the standalone expansion, inFamous First Light, in January 2015.

As for Child of Light, this is what we said in our review:

Child of Light is a great example of a modern RPG that bridges gaming with other forms of art. I will be showing this game to any friends and family who are not too familiar with what gaming can be, or who have some uninformed stereotypes about what all video games are like these days. Beautiful painting-style art, moving music, refreshing and simple gameplay, and a multifaceted, emotional storyline make this game well worth the time and money.

Child of Light doesn’t support cross-buy, so don’t expect to see the PS3 and PS Vita versions in the IGC as well.

When Sony announces the full PS+ lineup for North America and Europe tomorrow, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new PlayStation Plus Specials in North America.

[Source: Hot UK Deals via NeoGAF]