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Sony: Nearly Two-Thirds of PSVR Owners in Europe Have a PS Plus Membership

Earlier today, Sony revealed that RIGS Mechanized Combat League for PlayStation VR would be another bonus game available in the September 2017 PlayStation Plus free games lineup. In their press release about the announcement, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe said nearly two-thirds of PSVR owners in the region have a PS Plus membership:

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is a first-person arena-based shooter developed from the ground up for PS VR, a virtual reality system for PlayStation 4 (PS4). Set in the year 2065, it immerses players in an intense, all-action future sport that mixes elements from different athletic fields like combat sports, motorsports, basketball and American football. At the heart of the sport are the RIGS – large, heavily armed athletic machines, which players will get to pilot as they compete for glory in the Mechanized Combat League.

In the SIEE region, nearly two-thirds of PS VR owners are PlayStation Plus members so in addition to a robust single player mode, these players can also enjoy different online experiences ranging from a 3 vs 3 season mode with two teammates to a private 1 vs 1 challenge with a friend, and more.

Back in May, we learned that there were 26.4 million PS+ subscribers worldwide at the end of 2016.

According to SIE America, RIGS will remain in the PS+ Instant Game Collection through November 7, after becoming available on September 5.

The other bonus game in the IGC is That’s You!, which SIEA says will remain until October 23.

If you do end up playing RIGS, keep in mind that its developer was shut down and DLC support has come to an end, but the servers will remain online.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]