Life is Strange Before the Storm Update 1.02 Out Now, Adds PS4 Pro Enhancements

Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s Platinum Trophy Issue Will Be Fixed With Episode 2

The first episode of Life is Strange: Before the StormAwake, is now available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and Square Enix is celebrating by releasing a 3-minute video, titled An Open Letter:

In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Chloe and Rachel develop a special bond over the time they spend together. Almost everyone can name that one person who defined a very special time of their life. In some cases, these relationships can span a few short months and in other cases, decades. To celebrate the release of Episode One, we invited a small group of real people to write an open letter to that special person in their own life…

Earlier this month, the Before the Storm Trophy list revealed that you’ll have to beat the special bonus episode, Farewell, to get the Platinum. Not too long afterwards, Square Enix said it was a mistake. This week, they announced that the issue will be fixed with Episode 2: Brave New World:

The Platinum trophy/1000g will not be gated behind the Deluxe Ed. of #BeforetheStorm. This fix will be implemented with the release of Ep 2.

Deck Nine Games expects to release episodes every 8-10 weeks.

Original Life is Strange developer Dontnod posted on Twitter that they received the Before the Storm Season Pass, and they can’t wait to show more on their sequel when the time is right:

Are you going to be playing Before the Storm today?

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