Dynasty Warriors 9 State Combo System Explained in Detail

Previously we reported that the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine has a new information batch for Koei Tecmo’s upcoming game Dynasty Warriors 9 that introduces a new character, Xu Sheng, as well as revealing a number of returning characters. It turns out that the magazine also has up-to-date and in-depth explanations about State Combo system, the new action moveset system that Koei Tecmo is developing for this game. We have compiled the details, which you can read right below.

The new State Combo system is mainly comprised of three kinds of attacks: Trigger Attack, Flow Attack, and React Attack.

There are three types of Trigger Attacks available to use. By pressing R1 button with either △, □, or X button, the player character can unleash different Triggers that will respectively juggle, stun, or topple enemies. There is also an R1+O combination which is reserved for a Special Move that will be unique for each of the over 83 playable characters.

Dynasty Warriors 9 State Combo Xiahou Dun

The commonly known ‘mash □ button to simply attack’ method in Dynasty Warriors games is still returning in Dynasty Warriors 9. What made past games very repetitive in the past was that the □ attack would have the same attack string all the time. However, Dynasty Warriors 9 will have a new Flow Attack system, where the □ attack string will change depending on whether and which Trigger Attack has been used before the attack button is pressed.

For example, when the character uses a Trigger Attack that juggles enemies, the Flow Attack string will eventually connect to aerial attacks to follow the juggled enemies, instead of staying on the ground all the time. Famitsu also made a blurb that the simple method of combining □ with △ button for attack combos are still being kept intact.

The △ button will now be mainly used for React Attacks. During battles, the player will get to occasionally notice △ button prompts on top of some enemies. When the button is pressed at that moment, the player character will launch different kinds of attacks depending on the situation, such as launching a sneak attack from afar or dealing a finishing blow to an enemy whose guard has broken off. React Attacks can also be inputted during Flow Attacks, so they will not interrupt attack combos.

Dynasty Warriors 9 State Combo Zhou Cang

Other than the State Combo system, Dynasty Warriors 9 will also have Interactive Actions. In addition to the Grappling Hook, which has been introduced since the game’s first reveal, characters will be also able to do wall-kick jumps as an alternative to climbing, swimming across rivers, and even go fishing to collect fishes and other materials.

If you want to see how the above gameplay systems actually work like in action, you can watch the official early gameplay trailer that has been uploaded by Koei Tecmo some time ago.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan & Asia, and also Xbox One and Steam in North America and Europe. Expect more information on the game to be announced at Tokyo Game Show 2017 on September 21-24 as it will have playable demos as well as an announcement event at the show.

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