The Lost Child Localization Leaked, NIS America Publishing

Oops! NIS America accidentally posted an announcement trailer for Kadokawa Games’ upcoming PlayStation 4 title The Lost Child. This confirms that the publisher will be localizing the formerly Japanese-only title. For those not aware of the PS4 title, it’s a first-person dungeon crawler directed by Sawaki Takeyasu, who is best known for his work on El Shaddai. This business pairing isn’t a total shock, as the publisher has worked with Kadokawa Games before. NIS America published Demon Gaze, and God Wars.

The announcement trailer has since been removed by NIS America, but it still shows up on Google search results. As the description shows, the game will be able to be pre-ordered soon over at NIS America’s official store. Additionally, the official website will be at, although the domain isn’t currently active.

You can view an image of the Google results below:


The Lost Child was officially announced earlier this year in May.

Here’s a synopsis of the game’s story, via Games Talk:

Magazine writer Hayato Ibuki was chasing the story of the suicide a person who jumped in front of a train in Shinjuku Station. In the middle of his pursuit, he falls onto the platform as if he was pushed by a mysterious black shadow. A mysterious, beautiful woman named Barcia (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) saves him by the skin of his teeth, and hands him a suitcase. It was a Pandora’s Box that should not have been be opened. Inside was the “Demon Gun Gangour,” a tool that can capture and enslave demons and fallen angels. Using this ability, Hayato successfully took on his own demon subordinates. Together with a woman named Rua (voiced by Rikako Yamaguchi), who calls herself an angel, Hayato will pursue the mysteries that occur in various places and find the beautiful woman who gave him the suitcase.

We’ll have more on The Lost Child once it’s officially announced.

[Source: RPG Site]