Destiny 2 Had Over 1.2 Million Concurrent Players This Morning

As of 11:24 AM PT, Destiny 2 had over 1.2 million concurrent players. That’s 1.2 million Destiny 2 players online at the same time. There’s no breakdown of how many are playing on each platform or how many total Guardians are playing Destiny 2, but it’s clear that Bungie’s sequel is doing quite well less than a week after launch. The number was announced on Bungie’s Twitter feed this morning.

If there was any concern that the PC release might cannibalize the console audience, that fear has swiftly been vanquished. Destiny is alive and well, and our own impressions of the game agree with the 1.2 million people playing right now. Destiny 2 is the series at its finest, and the game is only looking to get better from here.

A sequel should be many things. It should be familiar. It should be a step forward. It should cultivate the things that worked. It should improve what didn’t. Finding that balance is difficult without either copying too much of what came before or no longer staying true to the original. As old Guardians and new alike take this step into a world without light, Destiny 2 proves that Bungie has taken great care with this balance. There’s a familiar game here, and yet there’s a game all its own. It’s thrilling to start at the bottom again and need to work my way up after three years of feeling powerful.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. Even as much as the story experience has been improved, and many quality of life changes have been implemented, Destiny is all about the endgame. If you aren’t concerned at all about the endgame content, my recommendation is to get Destiny 2 right now. If your hestitation was on story, whether it changed enough from the first, or any other number of small quality of life things, rest assured that Bungie listened to their players and Destiny is better than it’s ever been.

If you aren’t yet aware, clan progression is now live in Destiny 2, and Luke Smith has responded to the one complaint most Guardians have about the shader system. Stay tuned as our full, scored Destiny 2 will be coming early next week, and we’ll be covering the raid when it releases on Wednesday. Were you one of the 1.2 million players that was on this morning?