Destiny 2 Clan Progression Features Are Now Live In Game

September 8, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 clans

Destiny 2’s clan system is much more robust than its predecessor. Where the first game’s clans amounted to little more than a tag under your name, Destiny 2 clans actually reward players for membership and participation. Unavailable for the first couple of days, Bungie has now announced that clan features are live in game, so if you’re part of a clan, visit Hawthorne to get started.

As of right now, you cannot see the roster of your clan members, but as long as they are on your friends list, you can still view them in game. If you don’t see the clan progression system active, log out and log back in to refresh the game and it should appear.

Clans will be a big part of Destiny 2 guided games that will allow solo players to work with clans to complete endgame activities. Yesterday Bungie revealed some details about the calendar for September, including when Guided Games will be going into beta for the Nightfall strike and the raid.

Our review-in-progress is live, with a full, scored review coming soon. Things are looking very positive though, and I have been riveted to my TV for the past couple of days, enamored with most everything Destiny 2 has come to offer. Right now it looks like one of the only things fans are mad about in Destiny 2 is the changes to the shader system, which has been addressed by Luke Smith. We’ll keep you updated as more features and updates roll out for Bungie’s latest.

[Source: Bungie Forums]