Xur, Trials of the Nine, and Faction Rally Dated in Destiny 2 Roadmap (Updated)

September 8, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 Xur


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Destiny 2 has just released to the adulation of fans and newcomers alike (except for the issue many have with shaders). With most games, post-release is a time to wind down, but not so for Bungie. Now that it is available to the public, Bungie is kicking things into high gear and preparing players for what they can expect in the coming weeks, including Destiny 2 Xur, Trials of the Nine, and a new event called Faction Rally.

In a roadmap posted by Bungie, they detail each week through the end of September. Xur will be returning to his usual weekend ritual of selling exotics on September 15, with Trials of the Nine (the new Trials of Osiris) to launch on the same day. As we previously posted, the raid is scheduled to release on September 13. Perhaps most curious about this roadmap is the “Faction Rally” event listed as beginning on September 26. We expect to hear more details on the event before it goes live.

The roadmap also sets down some expectations for the Destiny 2 Guided Games system, a cross between LFG and matchmaking that will allow solo players to queue up with players from clans in order to complete endgame activities. The Guided Games beta for the Nightfall strike begins on September 12, and the raid Guided Games beta will launch on September 26. As a side note, clan features are now live in the game, so you are your group can start earning those rewards.

That’s a lot of dates to keep in mind for September, but Bungie is hinting that October has even more in store for Guardians. “In October, new challenges will continue to arrive, including Iron Banner and new ways to have your prestige tested in the Raid.” What part of the weekly ritual are you most looking forward to getting back into with Destiny 2? What do you think will be the first exotic sold by Destiny 2 Xur?

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