Digital Foundry Highlights Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Improvements, No Frame Drops

The guys at Digital Foundry are at it again, this time with a complete analysis of Destiny 2 on all consoles. Looking at resolution, lighting, textures, frame rates, and more, these guys leave no stone unturned when it comes to analyzing every bit of the tech in the latest games. Their conclusion this time around is that Destiny 2 PS4 Pro is currently the ideal version of the game.

Once blended with its motion blur, Destiny 2’s checkerboard rendering technique takes us to a convincing 4K output, and the limits and compromises are hard to spot. What’s more, the game dynamically adjusts the resolution based on load on the horizontal axis, from 3072 right up to 3840. However, even during a stress-test in the tower defense segment, none of our pixel counts delivered anything less than a full, native 3840×2160. It’s crisp, clear, and if there is a drop below that on PS4 Pro, it’ll take playing much further, perhaps in intensive raid battles, to really see a drop.

The outlook is great on PS4 Pro when outputting at 4K, and it’s good news for 1080p screen users too. If you own a full HD display, you still get that 4K picture super-sampled to your 1920×1080 output – an essential feature bizarrely absent from many Pro titles. What that amounts to is less flicker, less shimmer, and less noise on sub-pixel details in general

One way or another, PS4 Pro is the ideal platform for playing Destiny 2 right now. Meanwhile, a standard PS4 is fixed at a native 1080p, while Xbox One relies on a dynamic system – running the gamut from 1344×1080 up to 1920×1080 depending on load.

Running tests on a few other elements, they found that the PlayStation platforms outperform the Xbox One in terms of draw distance. According to their analysis, “higher poly assets rendered in from further afield on the PlayStation systems, which eventually make the switch on Xbox One, but only once you get closer.”

Finally, they took the frame rate to task. While many have been disappointed with Destiny 2 not reaching 60fps on consoles, the Digital Foundry analysis shows that Destiny 2 locks at a solid 30fps even under the most graphically and GPU intense moments of the game.

Through all the pros and cons of its visuals per platform, one thing remains consistent: the frame-rate. Across countless hours of testing on PS4, Pro and Xbox One, there are simply no drops under 30fps to report. As far as the single-player campaign goes, a stress test at the start of the game shows a fixed 30fps line on PS4 Pro running at 4K, the same readout applying to the full HD and dynamic 1080p outputs of the PS4 and Xbox One respectively. First-person shooters play better at 60fps of course but if that’s not possible, an absolute rock-solid lock to 30fps is the next best option and in this respect, Destiny 2’s unshakeable readout is difficult to criticize.

Are you playing Destiny 2 on a PS4 Pro? If so, you may have been one of the 1.2 million concurrent players on Saturday morning. Don’t forget to check out our Destiny 2 endgame guide to see what there is to do after the campaign ends, and how to trigger all of the heroic public events in the patrol areas.

[Source: Eurogamer]