Destiny 2 – How to Trigger All Heroic Public Events

Public events are activities in Destiny 2’s open patrols. They occur randomly in the environment of the four locations and require players to complete a specific task like destroying a Fallen walker or defending a location from the Vex. During the course of normal public events, there are ways to trigger heroic public events that will net you better rewards and heaps more experience. Our Destiny 2 heroic public events guide will tell you how to trigger each of the heroic public events in the game.

If you are looking for how to trigger the new Curse of Osiris Mercury Heroic Public Event, you can find that here.

Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events

It’s easy to tell when a heroic public event has started. Just like joining a normal public event, where the HUD makes it very clear, triggering the heroic version will bring up the same HUD notification, only this time it will say “Heroic Event Joined” instead of “Public Event Joined.”

Fallen Glimmer Drill Event

– To trigger the heroic event, destroy the smaller nodes off to the side at each drill site. This node is separate from that main three devices that encircle the small area. When you shoot the nodes, damage numbers will pop up so you know you are shooting the right thing. Destroy all three and the heroic public event will trigger. You will now need to defend a pile of glimmer from waves of Fallen for a certain  amount of time.

Fallen Ether Servitor Event

– When the smaller servitors appear to assist the big one, destroy them. The first wave will only have one small servitor. The second will have three that need to be killed before the larger servitor devours them. It’s best to save power weapons or supers to make sure you take them our quickly. The large servitor will enrage. Kill it before time expires.

Fallen Walker Spider Tank Event

– When you shoot the legs of the spider tank, eventually they will blow up and the front of the walker will open. When it does these, three arc charges will come out near the front. Use these arc charges on the nodes that are locking down the three shields on the outside of the area. There are two nodes per shield, so you will need to use six total arc charges. Do this before killing the spider tank and the event will trigger. A second spider tank is brought in for you to destroy.

Hive Wizard Witch Ritual Event

– There are two shielded crystals in this event. Destroy them by standing in the circles to capture the zones, after you’ve killed the two wizards (the first time is to make the wizards vulnerable). Once the crystals are destroyed, the heroic public event will begin.

Vex Spire Construction Event

– In the event where Vex sacrifice themselves to build a spire, you’ll notice light streams emitting from the central defense point. Follow each of these to three zones that need to be captured to 100%. Once all three are captured, the heroic public event will start. Note that you do not need to stay in the zone to hold it at 100%. The heroic event just adds two cyclops, a hydra, and more difficult enemies to the waves.

Cabal Injection Rig Event

– Perhaps the most difficult to trigger, especially if everyone is not on the same page. When the shield goes up around the rig and it tells you to evacuate (or get damaged if you stay inside), you’ll want to stay inside and shoot the orange vents that open up. There are a total of seven, first the top three, then the middle three, then a single one on the bottom of the rig (Update: It seems that it’s just top, middle, and bottom. The three being open on each side are just potential areas to shoot that all contribute to the damage for that area). The very limited windows that they are opened after each Psion is killed mean that this event usually concludes before you can complete it. Communication and attacking this one with a fireteam is key!

Cabal Extractor Event

– You’ll need to hold the zone against waves of Cabal. There is a Thresher Cabal ship that will fly into the area. Destroy the Thresher to start the heroic public event. Make sure to use supers and power weapons on it. The Thresher will fly away and come back, but I’ve found you usually only have two or three chances to whittle its health down before the normal event ends. The heroic event has you taking out a tough Cabal enemy.

Taken Blight Event

– One of the more odd events, there are two steps to activating this heroic. There is a larger blight that is immune to damage, and smaller blights inside Taken shields. Enter the shields and leave them again to gain a buff called Blight Receding. Once you have this buff, you can damage the main larger blight. Deal enough damage and the heroic public event will start. You’ll need to kill a new enemy called Blightmaker.

To make each one easier, work with a fireteam and save power weapons and supers for triggering the event, otherwise there’s a chance random players in the area will complete the event before you can initiate the heroic version. Now get out there and start triggering some Destiny 2 heroic public events, Guardian!

Our review-in-progress of Destiny 2 is live now, with a full scored review coming after we get a chance to play the raid.