Caveman Warriors Releases Later This Month

JanduSoft games has announced that their debut game Caveman Warriors, a four-player multiplayer platformer fresh off of a successful Kickstarter campaign, will be releasing later this month on September 22.

The development team based out of Spain described the game as an “epic multiplayer adventure” that will put you in the shoes of a caveman who must save the prehistoric world from aliens. Players can choose from four different heroes – Jack, Brienne, Moe, and Liliana – who all have different attacks and abilities that can solve specific situations during the game.

While players can tackle the game single-handedly, they can also enlist the help of up to three friends for some co-op madness. The company describes the game as inspired by classics such as Super Mario Bros., Trine, and Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja.

More of the games features can be found below:

1-4 Players cooperative gameplay.

4 Different characters with unique abilites.

Gameplay twists, such as riding dinosaurs while shooting coconuts.

Two precisely balanced difficulty levels: Normal and Arcade.

Beautiful 2D world inspired by a mad prehistoric world

A satisfying gameplay for casual and hardcore gamers

The following is the title’s live-action launch trailer:

Caveman Warriors is out on September 22 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox one, and PC. It will run you about $14.99.